Your flowers will play a substantial role in the look and feel of your wedding. While your florist may not be front and centre on the day, their work certainly will be.

Here are some things should ask about to ensure your wedding flowers are as amazing as everything else come show time.

Their Experience

You may find some photos of their work on the florist’s website or social media pages. However, you should also ask to see their portfolio of wedding arrangements and discuss how they normally approach working on a wedding.


Ask if the florist has worked with the venues where your ceremony and reception will be held. If they have, they may be able to share some ideas on what has worked well there in the past and what hasn’t.

If they haven’t worked at your venue, they should be happy to go with you and see it first hand.

Handling & Timing

Ask the florist if they will personally be creating your bouquets and arrangements. If not, how do they communicate to their team exactly what you have discussed?

You also need to discuss how far ahead of time the flowers will be done and how they will be stored to ensure they are at their best at exactly the right time.

The Flowers!

Here is where you need to trust your florist’s expertise. Ask their advice about what is in season and what flowers may suit your theme. You may even want a bouquet that is filled with symbolism such as love, happiness, and fertility. You also need to consider how the flowers will handle the prevailing weather conditions. Obviously heat and humidity are big issues here in Queensland.

It can sometimes be hard when you have your heart set on a certain type of flower only to find it is not in season or will cost a fortune to have transported from out of town. Have an open mind and be willing to listen to their advice.

Other Important Pieces

You will need to know if the florist can supply items such as vases or containers for centrepieces, aisle bouquets etc. If not, what are their suggestions for sourcing these items.

Budget & Payments

Of course, you want a florist who can work within your budget. As part of the discussion about flowers, they should be conscious of your budget when making suggestions. If what you originally wanted is not realistic budget-wise, they should help you come up with some more suitable alternatives.

Also, check that the total cost covers other items that might be relevant such as delivery or setting up at the venue.

Chat With Us

The items above are good advice no matter where you are. However, if you happen to be in the Bundaberg region and have said “Yes” recently, we’d love for you to consider coming to chat with us at the Flower Box Florist.